Insurance Services

Connect your business with the right type of insurance


Trustshield gets you access to the top insurance providers at the best prices.

Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, we ensure that our clients experience the perfect blend of affordability and top-tier protection, making insurance both accessible and impactful for every business.

Industries covered
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Insurance Types

Worker’s Compensation

Stay compliant and keep your employees safe.

Gain access to worker’s compensation insurance with easy to understand policies. We will make sure you get the absolute best rate.

“A” and “A+” rated carriers
Low down payment & Pay as you go options
Instant Binding

General Liability

Protect your hard earned business

We will connect you with dozens of different general liability carriers. Our professionals will provide you with the best quotes at the best prices.

Instant Binding
Variable coverage options
Low and no deductible policies

Other Insurance Products

We offer several other types of insurance services

Businesses need to be covered in all kinds of different ways. Our experts can connect you to any business insurance that you might need.

Builder’s Risk
Commercial Auto
Home & Property
Our Brands

Worker’s Compensation

Make sure your business is protected and compliant with state regulations. 

General Liability

Whether it’s professional liability or general we have you covered.

Other Insurance

You name it we have it. Trustshield offers a complete suite of insurance products

Your Attractive Heading

Want to unlock your company’s full potential?

Don’t wait for excellence. Partner with Trustshield today and take your business to the next level.

Trustshield Insurance stands as a premier provider, offering comprehensive workers’ compensation and general liability coverage. Our commitment extends beyond mere policies. We ensure that clients not only access competitive rates but also benefit from our extensive network, tapping into top-tier insurance markets for optimal coverage solutions.